Research on Wuxi hengyitong by expert team of Gaogong Robot

On April 20, 2019, director lu of gaogong robot research institute and reporters from gaogong robot business department came to wuxi hengyitong for industry research, and chairman zheng zhiyi personally received them.

Mainly focus on the future direction of development of the robot industry and the status quo of the industry, and hope to see the future of the robot industry in the future. Chairman Zheng Zhiyi mentioned: the volume of the Chinese robot market will gradually increase in the future, and will form the same prosperity as the current mobile phone market and the automobile market, plus the great strategic move of China along the way. The market of Southeast Asia alone will be very large when we are going abroad. At present, the high-tech such as software technology and information technology in China has been developing rapidly, and some fields have surpassed the developed countries. From the perspective of the robot industry alone, it is precisely the hardware technology that fails to keep up with the development pace. As the core driving component of the robot, the reducer must be improved in accuracy, efficiency and service life, which is just right It's exactly what hengyitong needs to work on. Lu, director of the Research Institute of high tech robot, agrees with Zheng Zhiyi's view very much. He points out that as a model of the robot reducer industry, Wuxi hengyitong will dig deep into the pain points of the industry, be customer-oriented, have a high quality management mode in the automobile industry, and have a high standard and strict working spirit, which will definitely promote the development of domestic robot industry. He hopes that the development of high-tech robot industry will be improved Xihengyitong will have better cooperation in the future.

Chairman Zheng Zhiyi and director Lu of Institute of Robotics

Group photo of robot expert research team and technical personnel of the company

Wuxi hengyitong Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Yuqi Town, northwest of the beautiful "Pearl of Taihu Lake", 600 meters away from the exit of Yuqi at No.9 road of G42 Huning Expressway. Founded in May 2012, it has a registered capital of 60 million yuan and covers an area of more than 10000 square meters.

The company mainly provides the core sub assembly for domestic and foreign auto transmission manufacturers and the major non-standard automation. The robot company provides all kinds of high-precision reducer, robot joint and other transmission parts for intelligent equipment. Our company has strong technical strength, employs Japanese gear experts, and cooperates with major scientific research institutes to develop; the product quality is reliable, and the company currently implements the IATF16949:2016 quality management system certified by NQA company, registered and certified enterprise of Dun's code: 544479953.

The company has successfully won the titles of high-tech enterprises and private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province; the company will take building high-end precision transmission products and boosting industry 4.0 as its mission; strive to realize the vision of a better enterprise in the transmission world and the future.