Wuxi hengyitong Machinery Co., Ltd. participated in the 21st China International Industrial Exposition with new MWA series products

                                                      From September 17 to 21, 2019, the 21st China International Industrial Exposition was held in Shanghai. The exhibition lasted for 

                                            five days, with more than 2500 exhibitors and more than 200000 professional visitors from home and abroad. Wuxi hengyitong Machinery 

                                            Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as hengyitong) took the R & D of new products: "MWA" series products to Shanghai to participate in this 

                                            grand exhibition.

工博会1 (2)

New "MWA" reducer


Products arranged in order

                                                     During the exhibition, many visitors and exhibitors, even foreign visitors and customers, came to hengyitong's booth to inquire about 

                                           the latest situation of the new "MWA" series products. The purpose of the exhibition is to build a communication platform for enterprises, 

                                           so that all enterprises can show their latest technology and best products at the exhibition. It can also make enterprises understand each 

                                           other, form a benign competition in the market, and continuously improve the level of domestic industrial manufacturing industry.


Visitors and exhibitors ask for details of hengyitong's new products


Introduce products to foreign customers

                                                   On the third day of the exhibition, hengyitong international business department communicated with many foreign customers. After 

                                        learning about the market competitiveness of hengyitong reducer products, many customers said they were very excited, and some customers 

                                        signed orders on the spot, signed contracts at the exhibition, and cooperated with hengyitong. This is undoubtedly the trust and support for 

                                        hengyitong's products. Hengyitong will also live up to its expectations and strive to improve the quality of independently developed reducer 



On site signature of foreign customers


Recognition of hengyitong's quality

                                                   After the exhibition, hengyitong carefully collates the business cards and other information received at the exhibition. In the future, 

                                        hengyitong will visit relevant enterprises. Win win cooperation is a good idea for enterprise development. Hengyitong attaches great 

                                        importance to the good faith and friendly relationship with its partners. Now, hengyitong will adhere to this idea and do a good job in industry 

                                        step by step.


Group photo of hengyitong exhibitors