Leaders of Huishan District Government of Wuxi City visit hengyitong new plant

                                                Huishan District Party committee and district government of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province held a regional key project observation meeting on 

                                       October 11, 2019.At about 2 p.m., Secretary Li Qiufeng and Wu Jianyuan district chief came to hengyitong new plant area for a visit and guidance.

参观4 Secretary Li Qiufeng and district chief Wu Jianyuan visited the new plant area of hengyitong

                                                       Accompanied by Zheng Zhiyi, chairman of the company and Wang Jian, general manager, we visited the construction site of the new plant area 

                                       construction project to guide the work. Secretary Li inspected the new plant on the spot, had in-depth exchanges with Chairman Zheng Zhiyi, and                                                                                   understood the project completion progress, element guarantee, planned production, etc.


Chairman Zheng Zhiyi and general manager Wang Jian introduced the construction progress and situation of the new plant area to Secretary Li and others

                                                   With the strong support of the district government and Yuqi street and the cooperation of the project parties, the project of our company will

                                           continue to promote the construction with extremely fast speed and high efficiency. It is expected that the main building construction will be 

                                           completed by the end of December 2019 and the project will be completed and put into operation by March 2020.


 New plant construction site


 Effect drawing of new production area


                                               Before leaving, Secretary Li Qiufeng asked Wuxi hengyitong Machinery Co., Ltd. about the problems encountered in the current development, and

                                 said that if there are difficulties, we must put forward to the government department, and the government will fully support the development of hengyitong. 

                                 He also said that hengyitong must open up its hands and feet, be proficient in technology and improve quality, make private enterprisesbigger and stronger, 

                                 drive local economic development and contribute to its hometown.

参观5Shake hands and say goodbye after the visit