Wang Wenjie, CEO of Shenzhen Qixuan technology automation, and Yang Zhenwu, vice president of marketing of furarui, visited Wuxi hengyitong

Mr. Zheng Zhiyi, chairman of hengyitong

Mr. Zheng Zhiyi's message: a person who wants to achieve his own goal, in addition to hard work, is to be aggressive and innovative. From start-up to now, Mr. Zheng Zhiyi cares about new technology every day and closely tracks the development of automation industry. He once said that, although each person's talent is different, as a young person, we should first have ideals and goals. Especially young people, no matter how the work unit changes, it is important to embrace ideals and never give up efforts. People should dare to believe their every decision and move towards their own goals. In this era of extreme competition, you should not only succeed, but also succeed in time, otherwise you will fail. In his heart, as long as it is what he thinks can be done, there is a kind of tenacity in his bones that he dares to break through and fight, and does not admit defeat.

"Artificial intelligence" and "intelligent manufacturing" have become hot topics in this year's two sessions, and "intelligence +" has become a key word for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. Deputies to the National People's Congress and members of the CPPCC have also put forward relevant bills and proposals, involving the construction of artificial intelligence infrastructure, intelligent transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry and other aspects.

If science and technology are the foundation of our country, artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing represent the future direction, and are also the core of a new round of economic competition in the world. Robot and intelligent manufacturing is an important means and way to promote China's transformation from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. As a leading enterprise in China's robot industry, Xinsong company continues to increase investment in research and development of core technologies, strengthen core technology advantages, improve product quality and service quality, and improve the global industrial layout. Through the integration of innovation, finance, industry, education and other resources, build a platform type enterprise, set an industry model with good reputation, and actively improve market share. At present, Xinsong company has completed the iterative upgrading of robot core technology and products, enhanced the core competitiveness of products, deeply integrated artificial intelligence, Internet of things, big data and other technologies, developed the application of digital IOT new mode, thoroughly implemented the spirit of the two sessions, and fully assisted the high-quality development of manufacturing industry With the emergence of new technologies, new products and new production methods, robots have already become an important driving force for a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, providing an important breakthrough for the development of advanced manufacturing industry. How to continue to improve the application level of robot enterprises, in the breadth, depth and height of application, especially in the field of subdivision, has become an increasingly important topic.
Actively research and promote robot applications, and jointly build intelligent manufacturing and intelligent factory solutions. Based on the present, look into the future. Build an ecological system integrating innovation chain, industrial chain, financial chain and talent chain.

On-the-spot investigation

Main introduction: harmonic reducer

Features: high precision, high life, high torque, large speed ratio and small volume

Main introduction: precision planetary reducer for servo motor

Li Ze Xiang

Professor, Department of electronic and computer engineering, Hong Kong University of science and technology, director and professor of automation technology center, Hong Kong University of science and technology, consultant to the president of Hunan University, part-time professor. Chairman of googol Technology (HK) Limited and chairman of Songshan Lake robot industrial base. At the same time, he served as chairman of Dajiang. In 2017, he was appointed as a member of the innovation, technology and Reindustrialization Committee of the Hong Kong government.

Shenzhen Qixuan Technology

China's leading manufacturing partner, focusing on auto parts industry, flexible manufacturing system. Qixuan technology is committed to the research and development of flexible robots. Its main products are three types, namely, metaa, metak and metax. Its products have the characteristics of high flexibility, deformability and energy absorption, and have strong adaptability to the environment.

1. Control system of self-developed robot. 2. The robot motion controller system adopts the flexible controller system 3. Machine vision (AI vision) hawksmart defect detection platform 4. Data collection.

 Fularui Cobot

The company is located in the world's largest nanotechnology application Industrial Park - Suzhou Industrial Park nano City, mainly engaged in robot application integration, 2D / 3D visual sensing integration, collaborative robot arm, AGV mobile car, design and manufacturing of automation equipment in related fields, as well as collaborative robot application information and product marketing. The company is mainly engaged in robot application integration, 2D / 3D visual sensing integration, cooperative robot arm, AGV mobile car, design and manufacturing of automation equipment in related fields, application information of cooperative robot and product marketing, etc.

At present, the world-famous cooperative robot enterprises that have reached strategic cooperation relations include Hanwha, Aobo, youao, Han Zu, etc

Company vision: transmission for the world,wisdom for the future

Target: our target in 2019 is twice the profit in 2018. We will spare no effort to lead all the staff to keep up with the company's development and create another brilliant future for hengyitong.