Roughness detector

1. The positioning speed and accuracy achieve higher efficiency and accuracy of surface roughness measurement.

2. Powerful options are added to the product line-up, greatly reducing the overall measurement time from setting to measurement and evaluation.


1. CNC CMM with high precision (1.7um), high speed and high acceleration.

2. It has extremely high detection function and high-precision control function, and realizes high-precision measurement through various structures, control, parts processing and assembly technology.

Rockwell hardness tester

1. It can test plane workpiece and curved workpiece with curvature from Φ 50mm to infinity.

2. The test is fast, simple and nondestructive.

Vickers hardness tester

1. Carry out data processing in strict accordance with GB / T 26704, and automatically remove out of tolerance indentation.

2. It has the function of switching between the indenter and the objective lens during the test, and the test point is automatically positioned accurately.

Metallurgical microscope

1. Simple installation, plug and play, and USB 2.0 interface is convenient for plugging and plugging at the computer end.

2. Simple operation, strong compatibility of operation software, simple interface, free adjustment of exposure frame rate, contrast, brightness, sharpness and image size.

Universal optical microscope

1. It adopts grating subdivision and digital technology, which has the characteristics of direct reading and good consistency, and improves the working efficiency.

2. It has a very high measurement accuracy, especially suitable for the precise measurement of length, angle and thread, and is equipped with a complete set of accessories, so the scope of use is fully expanded.

Gear measuring center

1. It has high precision and convenient application, and can measure different gear parts and rotating symmetrical parts quickly.

2. It is convenient, fast and easy to create complex measurement tasks and a large number of measurement reports.


1. Absolute display and measurement throughout the whole process, which can be used as a standard.

2. RS232 and USB two-way interface, convenient for data output.