President's message

Thank you to all the friends and business partners who have paid close attention to and supported the development of Wuxi hengyitong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd!

Time flies, Wuxi hengyitong company has been established for 17 years. We have not only actively participated in the rapid development of small and medium-sized economies in China to start their own businesses and strive for innovation, but also have the honor to witness the great era of information technology and intelligent technology that has profoundly changed human society with the coming of the fourth industrial revolution and the 5g era. In order to realize this wish, we will work hard to overcome difficulties, adhere to technological innovation, adhere to the spirit of ingenuity, and work together with all partners to forge ahead.

Implement the strategic guiding ideology of "intelligent manufacturing 2025" proposed by the state, and actively respond to the application needs of intelligent equipment manufacturing and operation scenarios in industry 4.0 stage. Wuxi hengyitong takes the strategic transformation of the company's core business as the goal, with system capability reengineering and continuous technological innovation as the starting point, keeps up with the development trend of the world's high-precision reducer, and hires world-renowned technical specialists both inside and outside the industry In combination with domestic research institutes and key laboratories, we have jointly built a series of core parts and components of intelligent equipment, such as KMI series high-quality planetary reducer, high-precision hollow rotating platform, high-precision harmonic reducer, etc.; at the same time, we are also based on the continuous provision of high-precision transmission platform with higher cost performance and stronger modular delivery capacity, leading the manufacturing of intelligent equipment Domain provides more flexible system solutions, creates independent core precision transmission components belonging to the Chinese people, enables all types of intelligent robots to meet the rapid improvement of production efficiency and quality of life, and adds bricks and tiles to comprehensively promote the realization of the dream of a moderately prosperous society in China.

Adhering to the concept of professional, innovative and shared services, Wuxi hengyitong sincerely invites friends from all walks of life to work together for the development of intelligent robots, realize the vision of driving the world and intelligent building the future.