Vertical CNC high speed gear hobbing machine

1. 5-axis and 4-linkage machine tool, vertical layout, improving efficiency and quality;

2. It is used for gears of 6-mode and below.

Horizontal CNC high speed gear hobbing machine

1. The machine is designed with compact structure, automatic chip removal, small floor area, humanized layout structure and simple operation;

2. The machining accuracy of the machine tool can reach grade 6 of GB / t10095.1-2008, and the tooth surface roughness is Ra1.6 μ M.

CNC gear shaper

1. The machine tool is a three-axis three linkage CNC gear shaper. The advanced numerical control system is adopted to realize the control and linkage of tool spindle rotation (x-axis), table spindle rotation (Y-axis), column radial feed (Z-axis).

2. The column of machine tool is supported by high-precision linear rolling guide rail to realize high stability radial feed and rapid movement.

CNC shaving machine

1. The main shaft of the razor is driven by a frequency conversion motor to realize stepless conversion of shaving speed;

2. The worktable is supported by high rigid linear guide rail and driven by ball screw to realize stepless change of axial feed;

3. It has a shape modification mechanism, which can realize the shaving of drum gear and small taper gear;

Gear grinding machine

1. The main sliding table moves vertically and symmetrically, which is conducive to chip removal and workpiece cooling, and significantly reduces the wear of guide rail
2. Vertical structure, greatly compact the structure space, and adopt numerical control drive, greatly reduce the floor area of the machine tool

CNC knife grinder

1. Three axis numerical control, full digital control

2. It can process spiral groove, disc milling cutter, spiral hob, gear hobbing cutter and circular saw blade